The Millbrook Library has joined the Sustainable Library Initiative’s Sustainable Libraries Certification Program. This program provides library leaders with a tested, structured path forward to increase their library’s commitment to environmental stewardship, economic feasibility, and social equity.

What are we doing to be more sustainable?

We have created a sustainability team made up of library staff and board members who are dedicated on working towards achieving program certification.

We have a seed library. You can take seeds home, grow the plants, and then harvest the seeds at the end of the growing season and return them to the library for others to use the following year.

We are providing sustainable options for our community. You can now bring in your old batteries, or small electronics (like a cell phone), tape over the terminals, and put them in our Big Green Box. When the box is full, we will send it off to be properly recycled. You can find more information at

We completed an Energy Audit in 2021 and are using the results to help improve our building including our lighting and HVAC system. See the study here.

We have conducted a series of Community Conversations to determine how our library can have a stronger impact on community needs. A full report can be found here.

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Sustainability is much more than green design applied through strategies such as the use of solar panels and LED lights. It’s the capacity to thrive

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