The Millbrook Library empowers our community to be resilient, informed, and equitable through leadership and collaboration, free and open access to ideas and information, and educational, enjoyable programs and services provided in a welcoming, inclusive environment. 


Director: Courtney Tsahalis
845-677-3611 x3

Assistant Director/Head of Circulation: Jen McCreery

Adult Services: Gabrielle Esposito

Youth Services: Kate Anderson
845-677-3611 x4

Teen/Tween Services: Risa Pomerselig
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2023 Holidays

1/2 – New Year’s Day

1/16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

2/20 – Presidents’ Day

5/27 – 5/29 – Memorial Day Weekend

6/19 – Juneteenth 

7/4 – Independence Day

9/2 – 9/4 – Labor Day Weekend

11/10 – Veterans Day (Observed on Friday)

11/22 – Close early (5:00) for Thanksgiving Holiday

11/23 – Thanksgiving Day

12/25 – Christmas

Library History

1901 – Founded by local citizens to serve the community.
1904 – Chartered by New York State.
1908 – Building donated by Mrs. Richard Somers Hayes in memory of her husband.
1973 – Cary Wing added.
2002 – Non-Fiction Room and Children’s Room added.
2017 – Non-Fiction Room was renovated to add study rooms, and a Teen Room was added to the Children’s Room.

In November, 1901, a group of interested citizens met to organize a Free Library Association with the object of maintaining a library and reading room open to the inhabitants of the Town of Washington. The group met at the Bank of Millbrook and included: 

Mrs. Gurdon Swift, Mrs. W. L. Swift, Miss Mary J. Macomber, Mr. Samuel Thorne, Mr. J. J. Donaldson, Mr. James Reardon, Mr. Jay Haight, Mr. Isaac Haviland, Mr. William E. Smith, Mr. C. B. Reardon, Rev. J. E. Lyall, Rev. William C. Rodgers & Dr. J. O. Pingry

A Board of Trustees was appointed to have general direction of all library affairs. Four of the original trustees served continuously for over 30 years, during which time the library grew from a its humble beginning into a substantial public institution. These trustees were: William R. Anderson, Dr. D. H. MacKenzie, Miss Elizabeth Smith and Mrs. Gurdon Swift. 

The library was opened February 16, 1902, in a vacant room of the high school building. The Annual Report for 1903 states, “it is due to the Board of Education that we express our appreciation of the use of the Library room, without any expense for rent, heat, light or even janitor’s care, expenses that at present we are scarcely rich enough to bear”. The collection, in 1903, totaled 1,200 books, most of which were donated by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which gave 1,175 books to the Library. 

The Hayes Memorial Library building was donated by Mrs. Richard Somers Hayes in memory of her husband, Captain R. S. Hayes, who was recognized as “a citizen beloved by all who knew him.” This, our original building, was opened on December 23, 1908, and has been used and thoroughly enjoyed by a grateful community from that day since. 

Harry Harkness Flagler, President of the Board of Trustees, in 1915 had the sad responsibility to report, “the sad news comes that he who has meant so much to the community has passed from this world. Among the many affectionate tributes called forth by the wisdom and kindly generosity of Samuel Thorne none will be more sincere than the grateful one which we bring as Trustees to this Library, which came into existence at his suggestion and whose career he followed with such interest to the last days of his life.” 

Enjoy your visit and take a moment to examine our history by viewing the various items of historic interest located in the Millbrook Library: 

Grandfather Clock in the Main Gallery. C. 1793; this clock has an inscription: Wm. Terry Nine Partners and was made in Nine Partners. 

Portrait of Jacob Willetts. Located behind the Circulation Desk. Jacob Willets was an educator of renown at the Nine Partners Boarding School. 

Pastel Portrait of John Burroughs (1837-1921) by Walter Beck. Located in front of the Circulation Desk over the copier machine. John Burroughs was a local resident whose family was associated with TroutBeck. Walter Beck is remembered for his estate and gardens at Innisfree, located in the Town of Washington. 

Bust of Captain Richard Somers Hayes. Located by the Friendly Lane entrance. This bust was made from Captain Hayes’ death mask and reported to be a very accurate likeness. The sculptor was Charles Grafly c. 1906 

Grandfather Clock in the Flagler Reading Room. This clock has an inscription on the pendulum identifying its association with Silas Woodell, a local resident and merchant, c. 1892. The face is inscribed Theodore R. Starr. 

Tapestries depicting the various historical structures in our area. Located on the walls of the Flagler Reading Room and created by Sally Gifford O’Brien, a local resident. 

Wall plaque memorializing Ms. May Friend Bennett created by Gutzon Borgum. 

Located on the wall of the Flagler Reading Room. Ms. Bennett was the founder of the Bennett School which evolved into the Bennett College which closed in the 1970s. 

Portrait of Harry Harkness Flagler. Located over the fireplace in the Flagler Reading Room. Mr. Flagler was a local resident and major supporter of the Millbrook Free Library. 

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