The Millbrook Library has been selected to be part of a project called Library of Local. This project promotes local community resilience. This year’s focus is on climate change solutions and features a special collection of books, a seed library, and related programs. We are excited to lead the way to help our community find grassroots solutions to a global challenge.

As part of this project, we now have a seed library! You can take seeds home, grow the plants, and then harvest the seeds at the end of the growing season and return them to the library for others to use the following year.

Unite Against Book Bans

Unite Against Book Bans is a national initiative to empower readers everywhere to stand together in the fight against censorship.

Book bans harm communities.

Students cannot access critical information to help them understand themselves and the world around them. Parents lose the opportunity to engage in teachable moments with their kids. And communities lose the opportunity to learn and build mutual understanding.

Although book bans are nothing new, there were more censorship attempts in 2021 than at any time since the American Library Association began tracking more than two decades ago.

COVID-19 Vaccines & Testing

Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. The tests are completely free, and orders can be placed now.

Vaccine allocation information is updated on County’s website at

Visit the Millbrook Pharmacy website to learn how to get your vaccine at Millbrook Pharmacy.

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