Fine Free FAQ:

Q: If I return an item I checked out from the library to another library and it’s late, will I have fines?

A: No! Even if you return an item to another library, as long as it was checked out at the Millbrook Library, you will not have any fines.

Q: If I check out items at another library and return them to Millbrook late, will I have overdue fines?

A: If the other library is not fine free, you will have overdue fines.

Q: Does this mean I can keep all of my library books forever?

A: No. You still need to return items, and will still receive reminders when a due date approaches and when it has passed. If you keep your items for too long past the due date, you will be billed for the item. Your bill will be waived when the item is returned. If the item is lost, you will need to pay to replace it.

Q: When can I be charged a fine now?

A: You will no longer be charged a fee for items that are overdue and returned. If you lose or damage an item, you will be charged a replacement fee (usually the cost of the item).

Q: Why is the library going fine free?

A: The library recognizes the resolution from the American Library Association that states that the “imposition of monetary library fines creates a barrier to the provision of library and information services.” 

Some people will not return library materials because they are embarrassed they are late, and others cannot afford to pay for late fees. We want to make it as easy as possible for our community members to use our services. Eliminating fees for overdue items will lead to more items being returned, and fewer people will be blocked from using our services.

Q: Where can I check to see if my fines are gone?

A: Log in to your online library account with your library barcode and PIN at

If you need assistance, please contact the library. A reminder, if you have lost or damaged an item, the fees for that item will still be on your account. You can contact the library to resolve that fee. 

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