Summer Reading Program

All ages can join the fun for our 2023 Summer Reading Program! The theme this year is All Together Now. All summer, we will have prizes for kids, teens, and adults who use the library and read this summer.

Community Challenge

This summer, we’re challenging YOU to give back to our community through reading!

When you read a book, come in and drop a summer foam shape in our donation jar. For every shape in the jar, our library will donate a book to local organizations that can get them into the hands of kids who may not be able to come to the library often and help them build their own home library.

Help us reach our initial goal of 250 books! Let’s work “All Together Now” to help kids in our community have access to books at home.

Kids Summer Reading Program

Ages 3 and up can participate in our 2023 Summer Reading Program. Kids can get prizes for reading and completing activities starting on June 26! We have two levels of summer reading prizes this year. 

Level 1: Show us your book logs and choose from: 

  • Bendy Animals
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Colorful Cowbells
  • Jump Ropes
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Marble Sets
  • Mini Maracas
  • Mini Sand Toy Sets
  • Rainbow Color Pencils
  • Slide Whistles
  • Wooden Tops
  • And more! 

Level 2: Make something based on the book you read! A story or poem, song, Lego design, painting or cake…anything you can imagine! You can only submit to this level once in July and once in August to choose from: 

  • $10 Gift Card to Kelly’s Creamery
  • $15 Gift Card to Merritt Bookstore
Teen Summer Reading Program

Teens ages 13 – 18 can win a weekly prize by doing one of the following:

  • Come to programs
  • Check out items from the library
  • Submit a book review

Weekly prizes include cool toys, plushies, and yummy snacks.

For each of the above activities you will be entered into the drawing for a raffle on August 4th for a symbolic adoption of an animal of your choice through the World Wildlife Fund. If you complete more than one activity a week you get additional entries into the raffle.

Adult Summer Reading Program

Summer reading is not just for kids! The library will be having weekly raffles for adults for six weeks with various prizes. Entering is simple! Read a book, watch a movie, or attend any of our events, then write a sentence or two on our raffle ticket and drop it in the raffle jar next to the circulation desk. We will pull out a name at the beginning of each week! Check back for our awesome prizes.

6 weeks of prizes  

1 June 26 – July 8 Coffee Cards Babette’s Kitchen
2  July 10 – July 15 2 Tickets to Drive-Thru Four Brothers Drive-in
3 July 17 – July 22 Gift Basket & Whisper Scarf Stonewood Farm & Alicia Adams Alpaca
4 July 24 – July 29 Miguel Flores-Vianna Book & Whisper Scarf Creel and Gow & Alicia Adams Alpaca
5 July 31 – August 5 Books and Gift Card & Whisper Scarf Merritt Bookstore & Alicia Adams Alpaca 
6 August 7 – August 11 Wine Tasting for 4 & Whisper Scarf Millbrook Vineyards and Winery & Alicia Adams Alpaca
Grand Prize Pulled August 11 Admission Tickets, Gift Card & Whisper Scarf Innisfree and Barbaro & Alicia Adams Alpaca

Thank you to our generous local donors! 


Do audiobooks count? Movies? TV shows?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely! We love audiobooks. You can check them out in CD form or download them from Overdrive. The library is also more than just books, so feel free to count a watched movie or tv show. Don’t forget, you can also submit for attending an event as well.

Do I have to complete the book during the specified time? 

You must finish the book during the six weeks, but if you started the book ahead of the six weeks that’s okay! Just don’t submit reports for books or films that you finished before the six-week period.

Can I wait and submit on the week I most want the prize?

Yes! If you’re aiming for a particular prize, you can submit your ticket for a book read, film watched, or event attended (within the six-week time frame) for that week. There is no guarantee that you will get it though, so you might want to just read a bunch and spread the love. 

Can I win more than once? 

No. Sorry! To spread the goodness, once you’ve won you can’t win again, but you are still eligible for the grand prize, so keep submitting tickets even after you’ve won to up your chance for the big one! 

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