Mission & Five Year Plan


The mission of the Millbrook Library is to be a dynamic lifelong learning center that provides free and open access to ideas and information for our community.

Five Year Plan – Goals
2014 – 2018

Goal 1: Stabilize the Library’s financial position to ensure that it is capable of providing programs and services that respond to the needs of the community.

  • Explore public funding resources to meet growing community needs for library services. Reinforce existing relationships with donors and seek to increase private donations.
  • Strengthen fundraising efforts.
  • Establish a Planned Giving Program.

Goal 2: Maintain the library’s role as a community anchor that provides lifelong learning opportunities for all.

  • Develop resources and programs for residents to explore topics of personal interest and encourage lifelong learning.
  • Strengthen community and school partnerships.
  • Remain aware of community trends in order to offer relevant programs and services.
  • Regularly evaluate hours to meet changing community needs.
  • Re-establish a Friends of the Library organization.

Goal 3: The library will understand its impact on the community and communicate that story effectively.

  • Increase relevance and frequency of communication and design ways to receive community feedback.
  • Keep the community informed about our services and the role of libraries.
  • Create a recognizable identity for the library.
  • Identify community members who do not regularly use the library, and seek ways to engage them.

Goal 4: Create a welcoming environment for all library users

  • Optimize interior space to accommodate the different ways the community currently uses the library facility and resources, including quiet areas and gathering spaces.
  • Enhance the Bennett College Community Room to make it more accessible.
  • Establish a location within the library for teens to gather.
  • Maintain a well-informed, diverse staff with the skills and resources they need to provide quality library experiences.

Goal 5: Balance the use of new technology tools with traditional library services.

  • Stay abreast of current trends in technology to maintain digital literacy in the community.
  • Provide professional development opportunities to empower staff to provide quality customer service that meets changing information needs.
  • Provide vibrant, timely, relevant collections in multiple formats.